Wondering what you need to get involved in this course? Most of all a love and enthusiasm for photography and being creative! Here are some other things that will help:

  • a camera that has the ability to adjust aperture and shutter speed (digital or film SLR). if you would like to dive into this course to learn more about photography in preparation for purchasing a digital SLR, that's fine too! just be aware that you may feel a tad limited during the optional photo challenges.
  • a desire to learn more about photography and capturing everyday images that are unique and reflect YOU
  • an impulse to discover more about yourself as an artist and learn how to nurture that and connect it to your photography
  • access to Flickr if you would like to join in on discussions and share photos with other participants
  • a love of photography and eagerness to push creative boundaries to create truly unique images

That's all! All levels are don't need to know a thing about photography to join. Others who know some but want to learn how to refine their eye and add a creative element will benefit greatly too!