Hello all! Welcome to week 1 of the Eyes Open e-course! I am so excited you are here. I'm really looking forward to sharing these next 6 weeks with you. You will come away from this course with a good solid foundation of basic photography, how to ulitize your camera, and a whole lot of inspiration!

I've created a page here with all the basic links you will need throughout this course. There will also be a growing list of links there of any that are mentioned in the weekly lessons. I want to consolidate them so they are easier to find for all of you! So keep checking back to see the new additions.

This course is designed to be followed at your own pace. Do not feel rushed, or like you will miss out on anything by following at a slower pace. The 6 week course will be available for reviewing for up to 4 weeks after the course ends. BUT...and here's the pretty sweet part...all main lessons will be available as a PDF download. So I recommend printing out the lesson each week and having it on hand to refer to throughout the course. I like creating binders, or my other favorite is cutting out the things I really want to remember and pasting them into a journal I keep for creative work. Whatever works for you!

The weeks will be divided up into these catagories:

  • a main lesson
  • a video
  • a guest poster
  • a photo challenge utilizing what we've learned in the main lesson
  • a giveaway when possible

Each Monday I will create a post introducing the week's lesson, and in that post will be links to each catagory. The information will be there for you to look through at your leisure throughout the course!

Please join the Flickr group here to share your work discuss the course with other members!