So, how does the information from week one feel? It's a lot to initially take in, but the more you practice and put it to use, the more second nature it will become. You won't have to think about it as much, and a lot of it will become very intuitive.

And I want to remind people who are taking this course with a point and shoot or using their phone, please don't feel limited. This knowledge will only benefit you and your eye! And if it inspires you to take photography a little further, I would highly recommend you find a used 35mm film camera. They are FABULOUS for just starting out, and you will immediately be able to start putting all these basics to use! And when you are ready, you can make the investment in a entry-level DSLR and simple 50mm 1.8f lens.

This week we're going to talk about lighting. Lighting is my absolute favorite part of photography! There is so much you can do with it. So let's dive in!

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