Erin is a fantastic teacher - she really knows how to get to the essence of photography and help orient newcomers to the art. Not only did I finish the course with a marked improvement in my photography skills and general knowledge but I felt as though I had been given the gift of seeing through the eyes of a passionate artist. I now know that the world is wide open and waiting for anyone to take notice and take the shot!-Megan

I totally loved every single week of your course! To me it is evident that you put your heart and soul into this course, I could not have learned more and have had more fun in six weeks. Every lesson was so different from the others, and so informative and instructional. To me, the structure and concept of the course seem to be conceived in a way that the topic creative photography is dealt successively and extensively during this period. I enjoyed the guest interviews as much as your videos and your photography. Your continuous motivation for breaking the rules, alongside with telling us about those rules, was (and is) so much what I needed, and much more than I expected from an e-course. -Sonja

I LOVED every week of this class and I am going to miss it. I hope you will consider teaching other courses online because you are an amazing teacher. The way you organized the material each week was so easy to follow and I appreciated how you told us what we needed to know to get started and not too much. I have taken several other online photography classes and this is the first time that I have been able to confidently shoot in manual mode. We are currently at the beach and I am having such a great time "breaking some rules" and adding some creativity to our annual vacation photo album. -Tracy

I really enjoyed the course.  I love that I will be able to go back and review the information whenever I'd like.  The info was presented very clearly and accessibly.  I have read a lot of manuals, guidebooks, etc. about how to use my camera, but having a relatable person behind the teaching really worked for me.  I think the topics you chose to focus on were perfect, and I am super excited about picmonkey.  -Jill

I have to say that both it (the course) and she are excellent. The way the course is structured and delivered is fantastic, Erin doesn't make any assumptions about your knowledge or ability and breaks all the individual parts down so that they are clear, informative and easy to follow. -Alex

I really enjoyed the course as you know even if I had quite a bit of background knowledge in photography. I really liked to learn about breaking the rules (which I didn't learn in other more conventional classes). I loved learning to work with negative space and flares, particularly. I love discovering other photographers too through you weekly guest posts to gain more inspiration from them. I am really glad you made me discover the VSCO. I am LOVING them. I loved the Flickr group and your commenting on the photos which was quite helpful. I wish you would offer a 6 week course only on post-editing in LR4!

Thanks for all the great work you put into that course. I sure will recommend it to everybody I know who is interested in photography! -Cat

Thank you so much for everything, I really enjoyed the course and it was a source of motivation to try new things and just basically do more photos! Since I started the course I did a few things that I had in my mind or did before but had stopped doing: night photography, playing with light, getting out my 50mm again (I was using mostly my 30mm), stopping people in the street to take their photo, and most of all really start to play with film again (I asked for a bunch of rolls for Christmas!). Also, taking photo through objects seems to me like something I will really use a lot. Also, going wider than 2.8 for portraits. What else... there was so much!

I really liked the weekly posts from other photographers, it is such a nice way to find out about amazing people out there and their work. I didn't know you before either, and I really enjoyed looking at your photos. I really liked the "behind the scenes" video that showed you in action! The giveaways are a nice addition and made me discover great products. Your comments on my photos and other people's photos were really great! -Marianne