*Updated links (those first links were for the very first course and some things have been changed)*

External Hard drives:

Camera Links from Video:

Some of my favorite daily inspiration:

  • The Flickr group is where you will be sharing your photos from the weekly challenges, or any that pertain to this course. Receive words of encouragement from other participants and myself! You are not obligated to share your photos, but this will be a very safe, supportive environment, so don't be shy! It's also where all the discussions will take place, so feel free to start a topic, respond to questions, ask questions, and tell others your thoughts and experience!
  • Also, you can e-mail me at any point with more specific questions at: erin@alovesupremephoto.com


    Below is a growing list of links that are mentioned throughout this course. I will consolidate all the links mentioned in specific lessons here, so in the future you will not need to dig back through the archives to find something.

    Week 1 Links:

    Week 3 Links:

    Week 6 Links: