Photo Craft: Creative Mixed Media and Digital Approaches to Transforming Your Photography


I am so excited to have Susan Tuttle here to giveaway one of her fabulous books! 

About Susan: 

I am a self-taught photographer and digital artist. I rely mostly on my inner knowings when I take pictures — shooting from the gut, most likely breaking all the rules:) When I see something special I wish to capture, I can literally feel my heart rise in my chest. I follow those gut instincts. Not to say that I don’t think about composition, color, tonal value, etc. — I certainly do and am meticulous about these aspects, but I seem to generally follow an internal set of rules as opposed to ones that have been imposed upon me. As a a formally-taught flutist, I know what it is like to be instructed to follow pocketfulls of rules and technical procedures. For me, this type of learning can crush some of my creative spirit, so with my explorations of photography and digital art I made a conscious decision to have full ownership of my output and growth.

Her book:

Photo Craft: Creative Mixed Media and Digital Approaches to Transforming Your Photographs

A little bit about the book: 

Digital Photography and Mixed Media--a creative match made in heaven! Love photography? Want to make yours better? Want to use your photography as a springboard for fabulous and diverse mixed media and digital projects?

Photo Craft will help you elevate the average into the extraordinary! Using Adobe Photoshop Elements and following thorough, easy-to-follow step-by-step instructions, you'll learn to make basic adjustments to your photographs that will yield stunning and artistic results. You'll also learn to use those photographs -- along with some everyday mixed-media supplies -- to create unique and personal art.

Inside You'll Find:

  • 13 stepped out mixed media techniques and projects
  • 16 stepped out digital techniques
  • 9 stellar techniques and projects from contributing artists including Michele Beschen and Claudine Hellmuth
  • Dozens of great examples of and tips for iPhoneography
  • Countless inspirational suggestions for photo field trips and photo shoots
  • An author curated list of recommended apps to take your photos to the next level
  • Access to exclusive online materials including new techniques and projects and downloadable materials for your personal use

So get to it! Take new pictures today (and every day!), look through those boxes of old and long-forgotten photos, and free those lonely images from your hard drive. Make them better, make them new and make them art. Soon you'll be seeing things in a whole new way!


Susan is giving away a book to one lucky reader! Enter below and winner will be drawn in one week! Thank you Susan!