Here's some info to help you understand how the course will work!

Weekly Lessons will make up this course. Each week will be divided into different elements. These will include:

  • Main lesson
  • Photo Challenge
  • Video
  • Guest post from an inspiring photographer

The main lessons will be posted on Mondays, giving you all the information you need to master the basics of photography and get you comfortable with your camera. The lessons will be available to you at any time throughout this course, so you can move at your own pace. You are invited to ask questions and discuss your learning experience through the comments after each lesson in our own private forum.

Each lesson will be followed by a photo challenge for the week, where you will be able to take the information in the main lessons and put them to use. The private forum for participants of this course is a place where you can share your photos and get feedback from myself and other participants. You are not obligated to post anything to the forum if you do not feel comfortable, but this will be a fun, safe, and supportive environment to explore your own photographic style!

The videos will be informative and fun. They will range from looking for the perfect light to editing to a behind the scenes of a photo shoot.

And lastly, the guest posters will touch on a particular lesson and elaborate on it using examples of their own work. So inspiring!

The main lessons will be available as pdf's to download so you can print them out for future reference. After the 6 week e-course ends, the username and password you were provided will continue to log you in for 4 weeks following the end of the course.

The following topics are covered in the 6 week course:

  1. Photography basics and learning to use your camera
  2. Lighting
  3. Creative Living and how to find inspiration in your everyday life
  4. Portrait Photography
  5. Creative Photography and breaking the rules
  6. Basic editing using a free online program available to everyone (Lightroom and Photoshop mini-courses will be released in 2016)

What do I hope you get out of this course after 6 weeks?! Confidence! Photographic skills that will inspire you on a daily basis! A creative outlook on not only photography, but your life as well! You will feel inspired to dive deeper into a creative and artistic life, and use photography to uniquely capture it all! Sounds pretty good, eh?!