Check out some of the awesome, talented individuals who will be sharing a bit about themselves and their work over the 6 week course!


Jodi Wilson is a freelance writer, photographer and yoga teacher. Her blog, Practicing Simplicity, features her musings on day-to-day life. Every post is accompanied by vivid, candid portraits that provide a glimpse into her world. Intent on celebrating the everyday and sharing stories about parenting, simple living, creativity and yoga, Jodi has created a place of calm in a rather chaotic online world; somewhere to go while you sip tea. A breather, perhaps.





Maria Alexandra Vettese is a Portland, Maine-based freelance art director who also works in the mediums of photography and design. She is a creative, collaborative thinker who arrives at her best ideas intuitively when she is completely in the moment or under the gun. MAV has a pure perspective and a commitment to noticing and capturing ordinary, understated moments. She collaborates on Lines & Shapes and More & Co. MAV lives in a flat that was built in 1891 with her sweetheart and two cats. See her work here and here.

Noa Azoulay-Sclater

i shoot artists (actors/musicians etc), editorial, travel, food & experimental photography etc… i also shoot unique weddings that are non-generic & generally non-traditional... i’m open to any interesting work… most of my clients end up being my really good friends… i really love my job and if i had my druthers i would be doing exactly what i am doing now: travel, make art, & hang out with amazing people… i use both digital format as well as film photography… my work is not for everyone, and i like it that way.


Xanthe Berkeley

Everywhere I look there is something to capture. It helps me make sense of the world. I curate my life – gathering memories for my family and now those of others. Cataloging everyday life. It’s an addiction. One that makes me whole. It’s a need. It’s my passion. There is nothing more magic than freezing a moment or a connection… Lovers embracing, new mamas gazing at new life, siblings sharing laughter, exchanging vows, holding hands. Connection – we all need it and I now I search for it.




Carl Zoch is based in Hood River, Oregon. Enjoying life everywhere in between. He photographs a limited number of weddings each year, captures some amazing portraits of families and couples, and spends time traveling and exploring the world, always with his camera by his side. His photographs display a sense of wonder, amazement, and reveal emotion from people and his environment that aren't seen or felt through anything but Carl's eye.






Maria Northcott's amazing ability to be pretty damn awesome at everything started at a young age. Her love of photography caught up with her big time recently, and now she is photographing weddings alongside Erin. They make a killer team. (She can also marry you too!)

Armed with an incredible zest for life, a love of people and people in love, she will most likely make the best addition to your wedding day that you didn't even know you needed. Her photography is something to be admired, and her talent continues to be inspiring!


I'm a painter, curator, textile designer, and aspiring ceramicist. I'm always looking for ways to learn and grow and express something of what I experience in hopes of refreshing and inspiring others. Photography is a way to show what I make, and also a way to record the beauty and joy I find in everyday life.

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I am a military-trained photographer…but now I find complete JOY in capturing everyday beauty. When the shutter clicks, my heart sings. With three little girls surrounding me daily, the magical moments are not hard to come by! I long to create a legacy for my children and their children. I want them to remember. Remember that our life was amazing and full. Although I have a “fancy” camera…most of my photos these days are happily created with my trusty iPhone.

Find Sara here on her lovely blog and her photography website here!