about erin


Creative photography is not only my passion, but it's how I make a living. From a very young age (three years old!), I have been cultivating my love of photography and nurturing my unique way of seeing the world through my camera.

Through a lifestyle blog I used to keep, I was able to create an outlet for my photography, and focus on exploring creative photography in everyday life. Having this outlet led the way to my business Erin Little Photography and a love supreme photography, where I get to document life and a select few weddings a year using my creative eye, offering people a unique take on professional photography.

I've had many people contact me with photography questions...from beginner basics, to what equipment they should buy, to running a photography business, to editing, to overall photographic inspiration. I have taught a couple of classes out of my home, as well as many one on one lessons, both in person and over the internet.

Because of the interest I have received from many people looking to brush up on their photography skills and dive a little deeper into creative photography, Eyes Open was born! During this 6-week course, we will cover a range of topics starting with photographic basics and becoming familiar with your camera, to really developing your own unique eye.

I hope you join us!